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Hi folks,


In New Jersey, where Ellen and I live, winter is dragging its feet as it finally makes way for spring. Neighborhood trees are in bud or putting out blossoms, like the Bradford pear and cherry trees, and daffodils are starting to bloom, along with rhododendrons. Ah the miracle of life!



So, what's been happening in CTR's bailiwick? First off, I'm happy to report that we had an excellent 2006. Please visit our website, for details of how much we sent to whom (under Financial Reports in About Us). Our success has been due to more of you getting involved; to more fund-raisers around the world; to more sponsorships, and to more book sales. We have increased funding for most of our projects for 2007. Here are the comparative figures for 2006 and 2007 this far:


Entally Boarders
CAISS Seniors
Vineland Seniors
Smile Cares Seniors
Smile Cares Edu

Bangalore/ KGF


Hyderabad Edu


Time now to acknowledge an exceptional donor – Mr Neil D Hamilton of France – who has set up a fund, "For Love of God", that is currently sponsoring 100 seniors and hopes to elevate that figure to 150. Thank you, Neil.



We are preparing to get together for the International Reunion in Toronto from August 12th to 19th. I hope to see many of you there. Please come and say 'hullo' and if I do not remember (the privileges of age), do remind me. We will have books, will be organizing a writer's lunch and will be generally visible throughout the conference.



I've just read an exceptional book, 'The Power Years' by Ken Dychtwald. He looks upon our senior years as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, to make the transition from success to significance in terms of how we live our own lives. He quotes Erik Erickson (renowned psychologist and philosopher) as saying that the final challenge is to give something back: "I am what survives me." Please do read the book and remember that CTR offers everyone a way to be significant.



If you recall, in 2003 we sought to set up a reserve that would fund our projects if CTR were no longer operational. The good news is that, despite some major reneges, CTR is almost there, almost at the point at which it is no longer dependent on others (and in particular on me), for the continuation of its charitable projects for at least another decade. During that time span, my hope is that the need will be considerably reduced. I feel very good about this: not only has it reinforced my understanding of how to eat an Indian elephant (one bite at a time), but it has also reassured me that CTR will not let down those who depend on it.



Life is uncertain. Many of you know that my wife, Ellen, had a stroke in the first week of March. Fortunately, only her right leg was affected. She is much better now and can move around with a cane. Such an event ushers in a major paradigm shift in which real values are brought home vividly. So I say to you, Carpe Diem!



As always, feel free to email me at I reply to all my emails.



Thanks for caring and know that we are making a difference.


Blair Williams



CTR Coordinators worldwide

In Canada Yvonne Peters
In Melbourne Marilyn Goss
In Sydney Cheryl Chater
In Perth Jen Busby
In the UK Jean Chambers
In India Joan Gardner
In Vancouver Margaret Deefholts CTR publishing

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