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Calcutta Tiljallah Relief, Inc.
(An IRS approved 'Not for Profit Organization' EIN# 22-3589193)
PO Box 6345, Monroe Twp., NJ 08831, USA

Phone 609-860-5856


Dear friends,


CTR celebrated its 10th anniversary having very successful functions in Sydney August 23rd, London October 4th, Princeton October 19th, Perth October 25th and Toronto Nov 8th. A truly international charity, working and being supported across the globe.


Cover for The Way We Are - (click for larger image)

In London, Princeton and Toronto we launched CTR's fifth book on the Anglo-Indian ethos - The Way We Are - an Anglo-Indian Mosaic. Here are extracts from its Press Release.


'Its 39 authors, including some who are not Anglo-Indians, provide a colourful and complex panorama of a vibrant people who assimilate into their host countries with creative survival skills. In the process, they explore and redefine what it means to be an Anglo-Indian today.


Editors Lionel Lumb and Deborah Van Veldhuizen say: "TWWA is a collection as varied as it is vital, as complex in its detail as it is revealing in its honesty, as creative as it is heart-warming. The very first memoir, Never Give In, sets the tone for the way Anglo-Indians spread out around the world after 1947, and faced their challenges with guts and ingenuity."



As is the case of its predecessors, the gross proceeds of all sales go to CTR. Our next book is The Anglo-Indian Woman (due in 2009 - check our website for details).



We in the USA, had a CTR weekend, with a dinner dance and a book launch. We had attendees from all over the US and everyone had a magical time (see website for Noreen Woods's article). Yvonne Peters who has coordinated CTR Canada, since 1988, has had to step down because of health reasons. Thank you Yvonne for the years of dedicated hard work. Lionel Lumb has kindly agreed to be the new coordinator.


We have always tried to run a transparent charity and post the annual Income and Expenditure statements on our website. It is worth mentioning two unique aspects of CTR that we are very proud of:


1. No one associated with CTR is paid, either in cash or in kind. All our associates are volunteers.
2. We have negligible administrative costs - less that 1/10 of 1%.



We thank you, our patrons, for your trust and support. Many of us are facing our mortality and there can be no better way of knowing that we have made a difference than in helping our less fortunate brethren in India.


We can and we are making a difference.

Blair Williams

CTR Coordinators:

Cheryl Chater - Sydney

Jen Busby - Perth

Blair Williams - New Jersey

Lionel Lumb - Toronto

Marilyn Goss - Melbourne

Jean Chambers - UK

"Help us help others"


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