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Calcutta Tiljallah Relief, Inc.
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Greetings friends.

Let me review the highlights of this year, our seventh, in helping Anglo-Indians in India.

First, if you have not seen our website, please do so. Bookmark it. Apart from having an enormous amount of information on our activities, it is an artistic delight – thank you Terry.

“Voices on the Verandah – An Anthology of Anglo-Indian Prose and Poetry” continues to attract readers and we are in the process of selecting submissions for our next publication – “The Way We Were” – which promises to be our singular publication (due in 2006). The entire proceeds of all sales go to CTR.

We have a new branch in Perth, WA with Jenny Busby as the coordinator. They have already had a dance and a quiz and raised funds to augment the fund raisers of Melbourne and Sydney. With representation in the UK and in Toronto, Canada, we are truly international.

Our support for the underprivileged continues to grow. In Kolkata we have over 150 seniors on pensions, 36 children as day scholars and 34 girls as "Entally" boarders. In Chennai we have opened up another project "Smile Cares" and have 15 seniors on pension in addition to another 65 seniors with "Anglo-Indian Concern"; we also have 15 boarders and 15 day scholars. In Bangalore/KGF we have 20 seniors on pension and finally in Hyderabad we have 10 children as day scholars. Check out the disbursement of funds on our website, where we indicate how much, when and to whom. We continue to run a transparent organization.

One of my very good friends suggested that, in order to attract sponsors, I look out for success stories and publish them in the newsletter. We are trying to get specific success stories, BUT, the operation and growth of CTR is, in itself, a success story!

Thank you to so many donors, in so many countries for keeping the faith with us. We operate as a volunteer organization, without a single person getting paid, either in cash or in kind, in India or abroad. Our expenses are less than 1/10th of 1%, and we are very proud of this record. We are equally proud of our integrity, which has remained without blemish.

I thought I ought to share with you, as a gentle reminder, what your money buys in India:

$5.00 covers the expenses of a day scholar for a month.

$7.50 feeds a senior for a month.

$15.00 pays the board, lodge and tuition of a boarder for a month.

It takes so little to make such a huge difference - to make a life.

Ellen and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Blair Williams

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