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Calcutta Tiljallah Relief, Inc.
(An IRS approved 'Not for Profit Organization' EIN# 22-3589193)

PO Box 6345, Monroe Twp., NJ 08831, USA

Phone 609-860-5856

Greetings friends

Another year - our sixth - has gone by and CTR continues to help an increasing number of Anglo-Indians in India. We now provide monthly pensions to 150 seniors in Kolkata, 60 in Madras, 10 in Bangalore and 10 in Kolar Gold Fields. We also educate 34 boarders in Loreto, Entally; 20 boarders in Madras; 25 day scholars in Kolkata and 10 in Hyderabad. Preliminary estimates are we will send India Rs 11,74,113 (about $27,000US), up from Rs 10,86,680 sent in 2003. I will issue a formal report in January.

We are trying to list our name as CTR in order to dispel the notion that we help Kolkata or Tiljallah only; rather, as seen above, we assist needy Anglo-Indians across India. Another misconception is that CTR is part of CAISS. CAISS, a wonderful organization, administers the pension program and the day scholar program for CTR.

Now for some exciting news. "Voices on the Verandah" (an Anthology of Anglo-Indian Prose and Poetry edited by Margaret Deefholts and Sylvia W. Straub) was published by CTR Inc in Oct 2003. If you remember, we conducted a literary contest in 2003-4. From over 150 entries, 22 short stories and 29 poems were selected, and a "Guest Contributors" section was added featuring the work of distinguished Anglo-Indian writers such as Ruskin Bond, William Dalrymple and Russell Lucas. It is a singular production, and initial reaction has been very favourable - both for its appearance and its contents. I am hoping to have it reviewed in NJ and NY. Roland McGready in Australia and Lionel Lumb in Canada are trying to obtain similar coverage, and Rosie Llewellyn Jones in the UK will be reviewing it for the Chowkdar (a BACSA newsletter). Also in the wings is a December book reading organized by the Consul General of India in New York – heady stuff. Watch your TV stations!

The best part of these publications (Voices follows Anglo-Indians and Haunting India) is that, not only are we preserving the culture of the soon-to-be-extinct Anglo-Indian community for posterity, but also the entire proceeds of Voices goes to CTR. Talk about synergy. We have announced our next project - "The Way We Were" - inviting stories or experiences that reflect the Anglo-Indian culture or way of life from anyone who has had contact with Anglo-Indians. Check out the details here on our website.

Our activities across this globe included a Conference on Poverty and Ageing during the January 2004 International Anglo-Indian reunion in Melbourne. This was followed by two very successful fundraisers, the first in Melbourne in May and the second in Sydney in September. Not to be outdone, Canada had its 6th annual dinner dance in November and no one wanted to leave, even after the last dance was announced at 2am!! CTR is fortunate to have a superb team of volunteer co-ordinators (see our Contacts page).

Thank you, our many supporters whose numbers continue to grow. We must continue to help our less fortunate community members. We have so much and they have so little. Every day, many old folks and many children in India, lead a marginally better quality of life because YOU share . . . and because YOU care.

We wish you and your families God's choicest blessings in the forthcoming season of loving and giving.

Blair Williams

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