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Calcutta Tiljallah Relief, Inc.
(An IRS approved 'Not for Profit Organization' EIN# 22-3589193)

PO Box 6345, Monroe Twp., NJ 08831, USA

Phone 609-860-5856

Greetings friends,

In this, its 5th full year of operation, CTR has grown, adopted more programs and helped many more needy Anglo-Indians in India.

First the details:

Senior pensions grew from 145 and by the end of 2002 to 230 as of October 2003, with Kolar Gold Fields being a new location.

Education grew from 51 children in 2002 to 81 children in 2003, by adding Hyderabad and Madras.

Margaret Deefholts' "Haunting India" was published and is being distributed (50% of the proceeds go to CTR) and "Anglo-Indians" continues to sell (100% of the proceeds go to CTR).

We were fortunate in receiving a very large donation from Mr Neil D Hamilton, of Paris and San Francisco, and with this CTR established a "For Love of God – Hamiliton Trust Foundation" and through CAISS, extended the senior pension program to Howrah and its surroundings. We are on track for sending India over Rupees 10,00,000, up from Rupees 6.60,000 in 2002.

As wonderful as this is, we are still scratching the surface. Calcutta estimates there are 30,000 Anglo-Indians of which 50% are poor and of this 30% are over 60 years and over. This means there are 5000 poor seniors above 60. If we project this for India with 200,000 Anglo-Indians we will have 30,000 poor seniors above 60! Even if we take one tenth of these estimates, the numbers are staggering.

We define 'poor' as having less than Rupees 1000 per month ($20 US). With this a person can eat one meal of rice and lentils a day, with a potato or onion added occasionally. And we are providing pensions for 230 seniors in 2003 and are stretched to the limits of our resources. If we project numbers on the education of children we will be similarly overwhelmed. Clearly we need a lot more help from a lot more persons.

But we will eat this elephant the only way we know how, one small bite at a time.

As we age, mortality rears its inevitable head. The next generation is unlikely to continue this effort of raising money and sustaining projects in India. We plan to set up a trust in India to cater to some of our current commitments. We hope to get donations of $10,000 or over from a couple of dozen persons, with a target of $200,000, from which we can generate an income of $12,000 which will fund half our current projects. I am talking to many persons, but if you know someone who can and will make such a donation please inform them of this project.

Do get involved and do share our 'impossible dream'. We are making a difference in many lives!

We wish you and your families God’s choicest blessings.

Blair Williams

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