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Anglo-Indian seniors queuing for pensions

Calcutta Tiljallah Relief, Inc.
(An IRS approved 'Not for Profit Organization' EIN# 22-3589193)

PO Box 6345, Monroe Twp., NJ 08831, USA

Phone 609-860-5856

Dear Friends,

This is the fourth year of CTR.

Today we have 150 Anglo-Indian seniors on monthly pension. In the year 2003 we plan to have about 200 seniors (110 in Calcutta, 60 in Madras and 20 in Bangalore) on pension. In a country where the less fortunate elderly do not have the benefit of a social welfare net, this small effort makes a crucial difference in the quality of their lives. This small stipend is one of the mainstays of their monthly livelihood. It is the difference between starvation on one hand and a little more food on the other.

Yes, we are talking of basic elemental survival. Such is the reality of old age in India. Anyone going to Calcutta or Madras, must attend the distribution of the monthly pensions. It is an experience that will change your paradigm of life. We are committed to trying to provide every needy senior a pension. We have far to go, but we are on the road and moving in the right direction.

This year was particularly exciting. Ellen and I visited Australia to spread the word. We were able to create awareness and raise funds in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Folks care. They have to feel that the cause is worthy and the organization trustworthy. We find the best technique to do this is to try and run a transparent organization. To this end we post full details, on our website, of the projects we support in India, including names and addresses, and how much money we send them. Any of this can be verified and is by many who visit India. In addition, no person associated with CTR, receives any remuneration, either in cash or in perquisites, neither in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, nor by the project administrators in India. Every dollar donated goes to the needy in one of our projects.

Our sponsorship of the education of less fortunate children is our second major effort. In 2002, we sponsored 16 children as boarders, and another 25 as day students. In 2003 we hope to add another 20 needy children from Madras.

Look at the picture. These are children expecting a small present at Christmas, probably their only one. Words are unnecessary. We will continue to find needy groups of children and sponsor their education.

We wish you and your family the very choicest of blessings. Life is precious, enjoy it and share your good fortune.

Blair Williams

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