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Helping Those in Need


Thanks to all of your support and donations, CTR has been able to continue supporting Anglo-Indians in need across India. Below are some of those whose lives we have made just that little bit better. Please support us in 2018 to continue helping Anglo-Indians in need. 


     Angela Cuddilo: 4 Years Old
     Nursery, Boarder 
The family consists of the child’s father, a younger sister, Liza Cuddilo (2½ years old) and Angela. The father is deep into alcoholism. Angela's mother abandoned the family some months back. When this unfortunate incident took place, the Missionaries of Charity (MC) nuns came to the family’s rescue. The two sisterns resided with them. The MC nuns brought the children to the school. Angela is eligible for admission into Nursery. The younger sister Liza Cuddilo is cared by the MC nuns.
Angela is new to the boarding atmosphere. She likes to play. However, she does not like to eat. Basically Angela is a quiet child. She is obedient. She goes around doing her things quietly. She is gradually opening up and seems to be laughing more.
    Shagun Mahali: 5 Years Old
    Nursery, Boarder 
The child’s father has no job and he is an alcoholic. The mother is an Anglo Indian young lady who ran away from a school in Class IX. He beat the mother and threw her along with the two daughters on the railway lines. The maternal grandmother rescued them and brought them to her house.
The family lives in one room rented brick house that belongs to the maternal grandmother. They cook inside the house. They share water and toilet
facilities with their neighbours.Shagun has a younger sister who is 7 months old. She loves her baby sister.
Shagun is new to the boarding. Being away from home, she is trying to adjust to the life of a boarder. She likes to eat biscuits and play with toys. She knows the alphabet well. She likes saying rhymes and play hide and seek in the neighbourhood with her friends at home. She has made some friends in the boarding. The family is dependent on the maternal grandmother. They have no means at all.
    Eunice Mills: 76 Years Old
Eunice is a 76 years old widow, living on her own in a small hut. Her husband died 20 years ago and she has two sons and a daughter. Because of her quarrelsome behavior, she was not able to stay with her sons or daughter. For the same reason she was not able to check in to any old age home. She lives in a small hut in T.V.K nagar near Perambur. Her landlady is really good to her, she gets her breakfast from her and some of her friends gives her two meal. Her children are also very poor and can't support her. The help she receives from us is mainly for her rent and we support her with medical help occasionally


     Ingrid David: 72 Years Old

Ingrid is a 72 years old widow, living with her two sons. Her elder son was working in a event management company, now he is finding hard to get any events and her younger son Charles is a cerebral palsy patient. Ingrid has struggled with her younger son for the past 37 years, as she has to do everything for him. Because of Ingrid & Charles, the elder son doesn't get any marriage proposals and now he is 44 years old. He truly loves his brother and takes good care of him. Ingrid is helped with CTR pension and Charles is helped with VCT disability allowance. They are living in a decent house with two rooms and a kitchen.








     Ailleen Joseph: 94 Years Old
Ailleen is 94 years old widow, living with her 65 year old daughter Maureen in a small hut with one room. Maureen works as untrained teacher in a nearby school and earns Rs.7000/-. Ailleen is getting occasional help from her grandchildren. She is very fragile because of her age, and has lost her eyesight in one of the eye. but her memory is good. The hut is in the model lines, Old Washermenpet, one of the Anglo-Indian settlement area.









    Harriet Thomas: 78 Years Old
Harriet Thomas is a 78 years old widow staying with her poor son. She has four daughters and three sons, but only her youngest son, Mathew, is taking care of her. Mathew is working as cleaner in a overhead tank cleaning agency. He and his daughter are living with Harriet in a small house in Ayanavaram. The house has one room and a small partition as kitchen. She is a severe cardiac patient, and is treated in a private hospital. Every day Mathew cooks for the family and goes to work. Harriet is not in a position to do any work.