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Dear Patrons - Thank you for your continued support.

Our collections and disbursements for 2011 are displayed below. We make every effort to be transparent.                        
In 2011 we sent over71,540 USD (up from $ 66,200) to India from our four centers.                        
In 2012 we will sponsor a senior pension project in Vizag and another in Chennai (with Harry Maclure)                        
You will see that we have increased the number of seniors and children that we are sponsoring.                          
We will continue to do so. Any poor Anglo-Indian in India - old or young - is eligible for help from CTR.                        
Canada - 35,360 CAD - (Coordinator: Lionel Lumb); UK - 7745 GBP - (Coordinator: Frank Bradbury )                         
Australia - 47,763 AUD - (Coordinators: Marilyn Goss [Melbourne]; Cheryl Chater [Sydney]; Jen Busby [Perth])                        
USA - 57,665* USD - (Coordinator: Blair Williams) * West Coast USA 4,000 USD (Joy Chase, Kevin Ward)                         

 MONEY SENT            
  FROM: CTR Toronto CTR USA CTR Australia CTR UK Totals(Rs)
CAISS TRF 634,800       634,800
CAISS HRF   360,480     360,480
CAISS Education 300,000       300,000
Loreto Entally Boarders     712,032   712,032
Chennai Seniors Smile Cares     130,176 133725 263,901
Chennai Education Smile Cares       106,560   106,560
Chennai Education Teacup Ministry       102,000 102,000
Chennai Vine Trust     446,928   446,928
Bangalore Seniors     231360   231,360
Hyderabad Education   116736     116,736
Vijayawada Seniors   75,936     75,936
Vijayawada Children   83,232     83,232
Total 2011 Disbursements   934,800 636,384 1,627,056 235,725 ######
Total 2010 Disbursements 837,000 477,402 1,268,379 396,000 2,978,781

Note: The figures are correct at time of publication however, due to the constant fluctuation in currency conversion rates,                         
 they should be construed as close approximations.Conversions used: GBP=Rs75/- USD=Rs48/-  CAD=Rs48/-  AUD=Rs48/-.                        
·  It may be worth noting that our admin fees are less than 1/10 of 1% and ALL your money goes directly to seniors or children.                         
·  We do not pay to advertise CTR, nor do we pay to support any social, ethnic or political groups           
Project Administrator Contacts in India:                         
Kolkata CAISS (TRF & HRF & Education) - Ms Philomena Eaton, 98/2 S N Banerjee Rd, Kolkata 700014, West Bengal - (150 seniors and 70 day children)                        
Kolkata Loreto - Sr Bendicta, Loreto Convent Entally, PO Tangra, Kolkata 700015, West Bengal - (65 boarders)                        
Chennai AI Concern - Mrs Rachael Thurley, 36/102 Purasawalkam, Chennai 600007, Tamilnadu - (70 seniors)                        
Chennai Smile Cares - Ms Sharon Emmett, 20/2 14th Street, Anjugam Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai 600099, Tamilnadu - (35 seniors and 35 children)                        
Chennai Teacup Ministry - Ms Clarice Eling, 64 Ground Fl, 3rd Varadammal Gardens, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010, Tamilnadu - (15 boarders and 11 day children)                        
Bangalore - Mr Maurice deRebello, 242/1G, 4th Cross, Borewell Road, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066, Karnataka - (35 seniors)                        
Hyderabad - Ms Margaret Studden, I-125, Vaishali Garden Apts, Tarnaka, Secunderabad 500017, AP  (30 dayscholars)                        
Vijayawada - Mr Leonard Rego, 46-15/1-16, Brindayan Colony, Lazbbipet, Vijayawada 520010, AP - (15 seniors and 25 day children)                          
Patrons are encouraged to visit any of the above projects, meet the administrators and see the persons helped.                         
As always, if you have any questions or if you require more information, contact me                        
Thanks for caring.                        

Blair Williams. (