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In 2002 CTR continued to grow in its fourth year of existence. Here are the details:

Senior Pension Project:
We had 90 seniors in Calcutta, 45 in Madras and 10 in Bangalore. For 2003 we have committed to 110 seniors in Cal, 60 in Madras and 20 in Bangalore.


Loreto Entally:
We continue to maintain our sponsorship of 16 girls as boarders in Loreto Convent.


Bow Bazaar:
Our education program to help 25 young day scholars continues. We plan to increase this to 35 in 2003.


Chennai (Madras):
We started a new program to help educate 10 young day scholars.


Chennai (Madras):
We sent Denzil D’Monte some money for Christmas hampers.



Here is what we sent our administrators to maintain the above projects (in $CA, $US and/or Pounds):

Ms Philo Eaton of CAISS - (for senior pensions)
Rs 313,825
Sister Joan of Loreto, Entally - (for convent boarders)
Rs 119,690
Ms Rachael Thurley of Anglo-Indian Concern of Madras - (for senior pensions)
Rs 132,164
Mrs Clarice Eling, Madras - (for children education)
Rs 15,094
Mr Ron Thomas of Bow Bazaar - (for day scholars)
Rs 29,328
Mrs Sylvie Bosen of Bangalore - (for senior pensions)
Rs 35,550
Mr Denzil D’Monte, Madras - (for Christmas Hampers)
Rs 14,100
Rs 659,751

In any currency this is a substantial effort.



Many persons have cared enough to put in a lot of work in raising funds. We have a good effort in the UK and excellent efforts in Australia and Canada. In August Australia raised over $12,000A at functions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. In November Canada (Toronto) organized the fourth Tiljallah Relief dinner dance that resulted in a contribution of $4,705,43CA. In addition many Canadian and US AI’s sponsor Loreto girls and Bow Bazaar children. In the US we continue to raise funds from non-AI’s and AI’s. As we increase our commitments we need to develop more funding avenues.


More Information:

We try and maintain a transparent organization. Please continue to visit our website at where complete details of all our programs are published. For anyone visiting India, please check out any of our programs; addresses may be taken from our website.


We believe in our cause and we are making a difference.


As always, for questions and/or for more information, contact me, Blair Williams.


Thanks for caring.

Blair Williams

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