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1. What is CTR?
Calcutta Tiljallah Relief (CTR) is a US based charity, approved and registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) "Not For Profit" organization in 1998. The registered EIN # is 22-3589193. The purpose of CTR is to help indigent Anglo-Indians in India.

2. How are the finances of CTR monitored?
The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) requires an annual tax return to be submitted. In addition a tax return is submitted to NJ State where the charity is located.

3. Where can I go to see financial details of CTR's activities?
A financial report is posted on the web every year. This contains detailed facts of money sent to India, including addresses of the project administrators.

4. Is anyone paid a salary at CTR and what benefits do the organizers receive?
No one associated with CTR is paid any salary or provided with any benefits, in cash or in kind. All associates of CTR are volunteers - in India and abroad.

5. What are CTR's administrative expenses?
CTR has negligible administrative expenses (estimated at less than ½ of 1%). Donors cover most costs.

6. How is CTR organized?
CTR has branches in Canada (Toronto), Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), England (Southampton) and is headquartered in the US (New Jersey). Each branch runs fund raisers and collects and banks money in independent accounts. The US acts as an umbrella, coordinating the disbursement of the money to the various projects in India.

7. What else does CTR do to raise funds?
CTR also publishes books which are privately funded and whose sales proceeds go to the charity.

8. So, CTR is into publishing. Why?
Yes CTR has established a publishing branch. The cost of publishing is covered fully or partially by patrons and the sales proceeds are realized partially or fully by the charity. It is a nice way of leveraging money, preserving the Anglo-Indian culture and giving donors a tangible thank you.

9. What has CTR published?
CTR has published six books:
"Anglo-Indians - Vanishing Remnants of a Bygone Era" by Blair Williams (2002). "Haunting India" by Margaret Deefholts (2003). "Voices on the Verandah - An Anthology of Anglo-Indian Prose and Poetry" edited by Margaret Deefholts and Sylvia W Staub (2004). "The Way We Were" edited by Margaret and Glenn Deefholts (2006). "The Way We Are" edited by Lionel and Deborah Lumb (2008). "Women of Anglo-India - Tales and Memoirs" edited by Margaret and Susan Deefholts (2010)

10. Is that it?
Absolutely not! A seventh book, "More Voices on the Verandah" (slated for 2012) is in the embryonic stage. Suggestions for other topics and titles are welcome, but the persons(s) making the suggestion should also be willing to do some legwork!

11. Where can I get more information?
You can check the details for our current books on our Buy a Book page. For more detailed information on our latest venture check the Guidelines page.

12. Are any projects outside India supported?
No. Only projects in India are supported.

13. How are projects in India selected?
Suggestions for projects to be supported are entertained from any person - abroad or in India. The primary criteria for selection are:
1. The recipients are needy elderly or young Anglo-Indians
2. There is a very reliable and trustworthy administrator, in India, for each project.

14. How is money sent to India and how is it tracked?
Money is sent to the project administrators (details on website) by wire transfer or demand draft, thereby maintaining a paper trail for the money. The administrators submit monthly statements, which include receipts from the recipients of the money. CTR has not yet sent any money for general purposes.

15. How can I tell if solicitations I receive from CTR are genuine?
All solicitation materials are required to have the following appended:
"Information filed with the Attorney General concerning this Charity solicitation may be obtained from the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey by calling 973-504-6215."

16. How is information about CTR disseminated?
This website is the main source of information. In addition newsletters are sent to those registered with CTR, at least twice a year. CTR seeks to run a transparent organization and will provide any information to its well wishers. For more information email Blair Williams.

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