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Dear friends of CTR

I ran away from the USA and spent Christmas in London and then 5 weeks in India. Being constantly surrounded by people helped me recover some of my equilibrium. In the UK I enjoyed family and a London Christmas (definitely recommended being on everyone’s bucket list) and in India I enjoyed being spoiled by friends.

 I also took time to visit CTR projects in India: in Kolkata – Loreto Entally, Lavina and CAISS; in Chennai – Smile Cares, Vineland Trust and Anglo-Indian Concern; in Bangalore – Senior Pensions. Our CTR pension project is the life line of over 300 seniors in India. The coordinators organized pension distributions during my visit and it was so emotionally disturbing to see so many old folks in poverty. There was a consistent request to increase the pension – (from Rs 600 Rs 700) and this was agreed to and caused much happiness. It is humbling to see how so little make such a difference. Be aware of how each of you that support CTR is making a difference. 

Visiting the children and youth in Kolkata and Chennai was rewarding. CTR is helping to educate over 250 children all across India. We treated the Loreto girls to a ‘burra khana’ and their excitement was palpable and ecstatic with the ice cream desert (can you spot me?). In Lavina House a cooler and piano forte gave equal pleasure. Again so little (from our perspective) gives so much happiness. Be aware of your contribution and its effect

What else? We are still getting good support from our Canadian and US (East and West Coast) branches. This year for the first time we will be disbursing more funds than we collect and start to wind down our reserve. In my visit with our Indian coordinators, I kept stressing that they need to get more locally funding as we abroad cannot go on forever. It appears it is very difficult to raise funds in India, either from Anglo-Indians or from non Anglo-Indians. I can personally attest to that. But that is what is and so be it.

We still have numerous copies of The Way We Are; Women of Anglo-Indian, More Voices on the Verandah, Anglo-Indians and Unwanted. As a special sale for 2016/17 we will sell the all books for $ 10.00 each, except Curtain Call ($15.00).  Our give away sale is Curtain Call and any other book for $ 20; any three books $ 30 and any four for $ 35. Add $ 5.00 for postage. Give them as presents and consider it your effort to support the charity, as 100% of the sales proceeds go to CTR. Pl order from the web  so you get the discounted price, or email me with a check to CTR at (preferred). As always your donations are welcome.

I hope all of you are well and enjoying your lives and each other on a daily basis. You only fully realize how much you had when it is not there.

God Bless All