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Dear friends of CTR

This is the 18th year of CTR’s operation. I am reminded of the sayings ‘The days are long, but the years are short’. We continue to maintain our commitment to helping less fortunate Anglo-Indians in India, We provide senior pensions in Kolkata, Chennai, Bengalaru, KGF, Vijayawada and Vizagapatam and we provide educational assistance to boarders in Loreto Entally and Chennai and day student assistance in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada. In 2015 CTR sent a little over Rs 35 lakhs (about $ 60,000) to India 

Last year I mentioned that we have had a difficult year with Ellen being hospitalized and in rehab for the better part of the year and ending with reduced  basic physical ability and also a cognitive decline. With deep regret and sadness I have to report that she passed away on August 22nd, very peacefully. We had a wonderful memorial service for her in Sept and friends attended from all over the country. I am devastated and coping with her loss (after 54 years of marriage). Please remember me in your prayers. This was the last family picture we took with her in April 2016. She was gentle, kind and above all loving.“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety”.

CTR Australia had a very successful dinner dance at the AI International reunion at Sydney in Jan 2016. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it being the best function in the reunion. Shahbash Cheryl Chater and Jenny Busby! Both Canada (Peter Lovery) and the US West Coast (Kevin Ward and a wonderful team) also had very successful fund raisers. I was able to attend after two years and enjoyed both functions. CTR is still vibrant and making a difference. I plan to visit India in 2017 and spend time with CTR in the major cities.

We still have numerous copies of The Way We Are; Women of Anglo-Indian, More Voices on the Verandah, Anglo-Indians and Unwanted. As a special sale for 2016/17 we will sell the all books for $ 10.00 each, except Curtain Call ($15.00).  Our give away sale is Curtain Call and any other book for $ 20; any three books $ 25 and any four for $ 30. Add $ 5.00 for postage. Give them as Xmas presents and consider it your effort to support the charity, as 100% of the sales proceeds go to CTR. Pl order from the web  so you get the discounted price, or email me with a check to CTR at (preferred).

I hope all of you are well and enjoying your lives and each other on a daily basis. You only fully realize how much you had when it is not there.

God Bless All and Happy Holidays