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Dear friends,

Another year is coming to a close – the sixteenth for CTR. Sixteen fulfilling years helping seniors and children across eleven projects in seven cities in India. In 2013 CTR sent about $ 71,700 USD (about Rs 43 lakhs) and full details may be seen at our website above. In addition to retaining all our existing projects we have added helping 12 boarders in Lavinia House at Sealdah.


Where is CTR heading? As some of us age it becomes necessary to plan transitions for the future. In Canada we have Peter Lovery who has a good handle on raising funds as evidenced by an excellent dinner dance at Toronto in Sept 2014. Australia seems steady with Jen Busby, Cheryl Chater and Marilyn Goss – but facing many other fund raising organizations. We hope to reestablish CTR’s presence at the 2016 reunion in Sydney. The UK is small but stable. I have been remiss in not recognizing Ireland that has raised over $ 500 a year for the last 12 years thanks to Johnny Archer. This brings us to the USA. The West Coast is very active under the dynamic organization of Kevin and Christine Ward. On the East Coast we have taken action to have shared control of CTR’s bank and fund accounts with trustees Richard Macdonald and Syd Boyne. We have also amended CTR’s ‘Articles of Association’ to specify in the event of my (Blair) being unable to continue to administer the charity, both or either of the trustees will take over. If they do not want to continue, the funds will be wound down by annually distributing the money to existing projects at their current support level. It is anticipated that CTR will support current projects for 3 to 4 years, so there will be no abrupt ending. A serious subject, but one that we are addressing.


On a personal note, Ellen fell, broke her right upper arm and has been in hospital/rehab for the last 5 weeks. I am hoping she will be released to come home in another week. Falling is the biggest causality in old age.

What else? We have been fortunate to have had many loyal supporters who have believed in and trusted us for all these years and I am grateful for this support. I am re-reading Gerald Jampolsky’s ‘Love is letting go of fear’ (strongly recommended). His first meditation is ‘All I give is given to myself’. A profound truth – when we give to others we are really giving to ourself. This has been my experience and has helped to sustain our efforts with CTR. I hope you have a similar experience.

Just a reminder that we have many copies of Anglo-Indian Woman; The Way We Are and More Voices on the Verandah. Buy them from your coordinator or directly from me. They make good Christmas presents.

Please pass this letter around to family and friends and thanks for your continued support.

Wishing you a happy and joyous Christmas and all that is best in 2014.

Our love Blair and Ellen Williams - NJ USA 2011