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CTR commissioned a Commemorative Booklet to coincide with its tenth anniversary. You can see what the cover looks like below. To see what is contained within, please click on the image to take you to a larger display so that the content can be read.


You will be asked to download FlipViewer®. Don't be alarmed by any security warning your browser throws up; it is simply doing its job! FlipViewer® is a benign and small add-on, and once downloaded to your computer it will sit unobtrusively there until such time as you need to use it to view 'opf' files. On this or any other web site.

Alternatively you can elect to take FlipViewer Xpress® which does not require a download, but you must have Java activated on your computer.


The page navigation is self-explanatory, but there is a bit of fun to be had whilst on the learning curve. Play around in the FlipViewer® window as much as you like; you can't break anything. And don't forget to turn on your sound.

Several hundred copies of this booklet have been distributed to CTR Representatives in every city in every part of the world in which there is a CTR presence. If you would like to have one, please contact your local Rep!


CTR 10th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet



Commemorative Cover

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